Monday, May 10, 2010

HALABIRA! Sumamer Ka Na!

The scorching summer heat was not an impediment for us to hit Splash Island last May 8, 2008 (which was my ate's birthday as well.) Together with my officemates, we certainly did have fun. By far, this summer getaway hub offered the best slides here in the country.

We were given money coupons worth Php400 per person and since I was entitled to one dependent, I received another set of coupons amounting the same quantity, so I had Php800 to spend for the day. Whoaaww.. I didn't know how to spend given so I ended up doing my grocery for food inside the venue. No wonder I brought a cellophane full of goods on my way back home.
Giant balloon (if I name it right) spreading its arms wide open

Blue version

For more summer escapade, I'll be in Donsol with the Butandings two weeks from now.-Jeyson

Friday, April 30, 2010

early attemps to photography

Here are some of the pictures taken a couple of years back. I just chose some of my favorites.

Btw, I planned to submit these Q4 of last year to my company's magazine which features some its employees work-of-art  but failed to do so although I can still submit  this year.

River Bed at Anawangin, Zambales (taken May 2009)
Capones Island, Zambales (taken May 2009)

Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig City (taken December 2009)

UP Centennial Celebration (taken July 2008)

UP Ayalang Technohub (taken sometime in 2008) 

Piedra at The Fort Strip (taken sometime in 2008)

Good start. I hope I'll sustain the vigor and enthusiasm of posting my works kwowing the person that I am.

let's get the ball rolling

Basically, this blog speaks where I've been, what my views in life are and what i want to become.. all portrayed by the pictures I'm taking (sound EMO!)

Anyway, just some of my attempts to capture what I think are worth storing in the memory of my DSLR.

Almost all pictures in this blog are taken using my Sony Alpha A380 f4.5-5.6/18-70mm camera. A very few are taken using my Canon Powershot SD750.